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Free Emoji Domain Names


Did you guys know that you can now register domain names that include EMOJIS? Well, you can!  I just registered one for Pheasant Press, and it was so easy that I'm listing the steps here so anyone can do it. These are a great marketing tool for your online business or Etsy shop because they are extremely eye-catching and totally free, which is fantastic!



Let's get started! (Be warned, it's addicting!!)



1) Decide on a name. You can register just emojis, or a combination of emoji and words like I did. Most of the single emojis have already been snapped up, but if you group a few together you should be able to get it. You can use any emoji on your phone or tablet. If you are on a desktop, click in the text area to get the cursor. If you're on a mac, you can click CMD + CTRL + SPACEBAR to bring up the emoji keyboard, and if you are on Windows 8 or 10, you can click on the little keyboard icon in the taskbar to bring it up. Just click on the emojis you want to place them in the text area.



2) Convert to Punycode. Punycode is how your browser "reads" the domain name. A desktop browser won't actually display your cute emoji name, it will show something that looks like "xn--letterpress-rs1h.ml." But on a phone or tablet it will display the emoji right in the search bar. It doesn't matter though, because the emoji name works as a link in a webpage or in your twitter profile. Talk about some c u t e clickbait! Just try this one: i❤tacos.ws 


To convert to Punycode, I use punycoder.com. It's really easy. Just type out your emoji name in the box labeled "text" then click "convert" and it will show you the punycode. 


3) Register your new domain name. I used Freenom to register my domain name because it's FREE. Only certain extensions are allowed to use Emoji domains, and you probably won't recognize them. But who cares, just pick the one you like the best and go with it! I actually registered all of them for mine. The options are:








To register your domain, just paste the punycode you made into the search bar. It will come up with a list of the available extensions you can use for that domain name. Select the one you like, then make a free account and set the domain where you want it to forward. Easy Peasy!!


If you make one, please leave it in the comments. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with! 


- Sarah

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